DEBI KNIGHT KENNEDY: Early in my pursuit to become an artist it was my great fortune to meet, study, and work with renowned master carver, Duane Pasco along with the carvers of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe of Little Boston. Collectively they took me under their wing, introduced me to Northwest Coast Native art, teaching me everything I know about carving.

Equally important they instilled in me the discipline it takes to make art for a living and the joy you get from following your heart. Although much of my work is now far removed from any formal style I am never far from the influence of my early training. Without that guidance I would not have achieved the level of artistic freedom I now enjoy.

The wildness, even more than the wilderness, of Alaska has influenced my art in ways I would never have predicted. My style, materials, attitude and outlook on life and creative spirit have expanded to include anything and everything. No limits! Freedom to explore. Freedom to experiment. Freedom to be my authentic self. This is the nature of true art.