John Svenson has created covers and illustrated dozens of publications including Sea Kayaker, Climbing, and The Climbing Art magazines; Lonely Planet, American Alpine Journal, and The Great Alaska.

Amadablam - John Svenson

Ama Dablam


Summit Pitch


Spy Hoppers


Oh, wow!



Gyotaku- Japanese for fish rubbing- is commercial fisherwoman Lindsay Johnson‘s way of honoring the magnificent marine life she pulls up from the deep, as well as passing the time when catching is slow.





Coast Coho


Paintings by Larry Larson

Before dedicating most of his time to painting and digital art, Larry worked for decades designing, rendering, and illustrating architectural projects. That history carries forward into works that attempt to integrate the built environment with the natural world.

Larry Larson



Thaw – Abstract Landscape


Larry Larson

Thaw – Abstract Landscape


Landscape Photography

Patience allows Tom Ganner to uncover unique perspectives and the magic of the wild inhabitants.  He considers it a privilege to preserve moments of time and space and share visions that allow others to see this world that he sees.

Cathedral Dawn - Tom Ganner

Cathedral Dawn


Tom Ganner

Haines Aurora


Misty Dreams


Wildlife Photography

Through photography, Brian Staurseth realized he could share his love of wildlife and the natural world with others.  Today, with half of his life lived in Alaska, he continues on that mission quest: his passion to communicate the beauty of wildlife in its native environment.

On the Wing of an Eagle


Glare of the Bear


Bear in the Dark Forest Fishing - Brian Starseuth

Bear in the Dark Forest Fishing



 Rob Goldberg paints landscapes in watercolor and acrylic, hand-pulls serigraph prints, does architectural etched glass, and builds custom guitars, violins, cellos, and mandolins.

Fireweed Fields


Poppies on the Pass


Fireweed and Ice


Fused Glass

The need to create is something inherent in Teri Bastable-Podsiki, and she is continually inspired by the Alaska tableau. Her creative process is driven by exploring the combined use of reactive glass colors that contain copper, sulfur, lead, and non-reactive colors.

Celestial Magic - Teri Bastable-Podsiki

Celestial Magic


Tree Goddess (green glass)


Tree Goddess

Tree Goddess (petrified wood glass)


Jewelry by Debi Knight Kennedy

Original jewelry designs by Debi are hand carved in wax then cast in Sterling Silver. Each piece is inspired by many things; the beauty of Alaska, personal life experiences, and always the spirit of the moment.

Sterling Silver Bear Totem Necklace


Sterling Silver Hawk Amulet Necklace


Sterling Silver Orca Whale Necklace


Sterling Silver Salmon Necklace



Early in Debi Knight Kennedy‘s artistic pursuits, she was fortunate to meet, study, and work with renowned master carver Duane Pasco, along with the carvers of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe of Little Boston. Collectively they took her under their wing and introduced her to Northwest Coast Native art, teaching her everything she knows about carving.

Tree Goddess

Looking South Along Chilkat Inlet


Looking South Along Chilkat Inlet


Looking South Along Chilkat Inlet



Sharon Svenson is renowned for her custom stained-glass mosaic installations in public institutions across Alaska. Her decades of weaving experience translated seamlessly to the qualities of glass mosaics.

Raven Blossoms


Easy Meal


Salt and Pepper


Pastel & Oil

Donna Catotti has been a professional artist for over 40 years.  Currently working in oil, pastel, sculpture and serigraphy, Donna has been actively entering competitions with success, and traveling yearly to NYC for a show at the National Arts Club. 

Celestial Magic - Teri Bastable-Podsiki

Dory in Waiting


Circa 1703 – Elsfreth Alley - Donna Catotti

Circa 1703 – Elsfreth Alley


Mud Bay Tide Pool